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Bootscreen is my first official react.js project. It’s simple, as most first-projects should be, but something I’ve been wanting to build for a while.

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Years ago I used this app by Panic called “Status Board” to create a go-to homepage to jump start my morning. It contained links to news sources that I frequented, my twitter feed, the daily forecast, and some other things. Unfortunately, Panic discontinued development of this app and eventually I stopped using it. I believe you can still use it if you never uninstalled it, but it’s not available for the newest iOS so I’m sure there are very few users left. I wanted to recreate the specific instance that I was using status board for: a homepage to enhance my morning routine. This wasn’t the goal of Panic’s app, but it was what I used it for. They were geared more towards actual reporting statistics and updates for offices, but that’s what is so exciting about software: people find new uses for it all the time.


So to fill this gap left behind by Statusboard’s departure, I created Bootscreen. A simple app that allows me to customize a homepage equipped with the bookmarks I visit every day, a view into my daily schedule via trapper-keeper, and some other health-checks and bits of simple information. I plan to extend this a bit and see how far I can take it (before I get bored). I would love to create something as flexible and dynamic as the original Status Board that I sought to replicate but I also don’t want to just copycat their work, I want to make this my own and something that I can continue to use and maintain for the years to come.

More updates will come soon…